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GSA Surf System

Next gen controller powered by E61 

Software updates include: 
Option to add: Light or buzzer notification when tabs move
Better timing to allow more precise control of the tabs
Faster transfer times
Simple one touch to swap sides
Shaper dial to adjust the wave size and shape; ex: skim to surf
Auto launch (tabs deploy and retract as the boat planes out)
Back lit LED buttons to see what mode you are in.
GPS functionality consistently monitors your speed to assure tabs retract at speeds not designed for surfing and also that tabs will not deploy at speeds not designed for surfing.
All new faceplate made from billet aluminum, anodized and then CNC machined.
New potentiometer allowing finer control of the entire system
Acid bath, anodized clear finish and black finish on tabs available
Plug and play wiring
Simple do it yourself instructions
Many youtube video tutorials for installation

System includes:
Aluminum tabs, anodized
Lenco Actuators
GPS Antenna
Upper Mounting Brackets
Spacers for hinge(only use if needed)

Go Surf Assist Complete Kit $3999.99

Complete Kit includes:

  1. Starboard Surf Tab

  2. Port Surf Tab

  3. Control Faceplate

  4. Control Module

  5. Lenco XDS Short Throw Actuator(2x)

  6. Actuator Control Harness

  7. Power Harness

  8. Power Harness Extension

  9. Battery Terminal Connector

  10. Upper mounting Bracket (2x)

  11. 3/4” Flat Hinge Spacer (2x) 

  12. GPS Antenna

  13. Marine Adhesive

  14. Installation Hardware


GSA Surf Controller

The surf controller powered by E61 is designed to where you will have 3 buttons and 1 dial.   So you will have surf left, surf right, and reset.  The dial will allow you to fine tune your wave to either make it skim style or surf style depending on your preference.  This controller can be placed in your boat wherever is most convenient for you.

Controller Information

This key shows the different functions of the controller and how they are used with GSA.

Swim Platform Brackets (Triangle on Top) - $599.99

Depending on the boat, you might need swim platform brackets to raise your swim platform so that it does not interfere with the wake.


Note: All Mastercraft model boats will need these swim platform brackets.

Tabs available

GSA tabs are now polished stainless on all systems besides Xstar tabs.  These look absolutely amazing!  Xstar tabs are made from clear, anodized aluminum.  Here you can see the difference.  The pic on the left is the Xstar tab (longer design) and the right tab is for all other model boats.

Fresh Air Exhaust

FAE-Quietest & Cleanest Exhaust System for all inboard boats

Reduces carbon monoxide an exhaust fumes by 90%.

It helps to reduce engine noise and allows you to communicate more easily with your rider.  Please visit or call 512-647-7321 to order FAE.  We only will order exhaust for in house installs, otherwise, please contact them direct.

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