1.  Will this application work for my boat?
     This surf system works on many different hulls and must be an inboard motor (flat bottom, deep v, direct drive, etc.) pending there is enough room on the transom (under water lights, accessories mounted in the way, etc.).  If the tabs fit, our system will make an awesome wave.
 If you are uncertain whether our system will fit on your transom, please send an email with a picture of the back of your boat to sales@gosurfassist.com.  We will not sell you the system if there is not room for it to fit.
2.  Are we only doing installs at our local facility? 
     Yes, we do local installs.  However, if you are out of reach from our facility, please call or visit your local dealer to request Go Surf Assist.  GSA kits can also be purchased for self installation through Go Surf Assist directly (940-782-9410) or through our retail channel, Wakemakers.com.  Also, if you are unsure whether there is a dealer in your area, please contact Wakemakers and they can give you GSA dealers in your area.
3.  Will these work on my pre-surf gate LSV (flat bottom hulls)?
      Yes, GSA works very well on flat bottom hulls.  
4.  Are there packages available for self installs? If so, how can I get one?
     Yes, this option is available through either Go Surf Assist (940-782-9410) or Wakemakers (888-338-6085 or www.wakemakers.com). 
5.  Can my local shop install the GSA system for me?
      Yes.  We have partnered with Wakemakers to create a dealer channel for locations all across the US and other countries.  If your dealer is not currently a provider, please have them contact GSA or Wakemakers to get set up to become a dealer.
6.  Does GSA affect the wakeboard wake?  
      Not at all.  In the full upright position, you will not even know you have the system on your boat while wakeboarding.
7.  Will GSA affect my fuel consumption?
      Yes, due to the fact that our tabs run the boat flat, the prop is more efficient so you should be able to tell that your boat is running more efficiently.
8.  Do I need ballast?  Do I weight my boat evenly?
      Yes, you would weight your boat evenly.  There is no substitution for weight, so ballast is used with our system just as it is with any other system in the industry.  However, you would weight your boat differently than some other systems out there.  Our system does not like weight in the front of the boat.
9.  Does the system have a warranty?
       Yes, the system has a warranty of 2 years.
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